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Choosing the right web designer

Choosing the right web designer can  be a daunting process. There are so many people offering so many different services it can be hard narrowing it down and choosing the right one.

Browse the internet

When you find the website of a designer, take a look at some of their previous work (if they have no examples of their previous work on their website, it could be they either don’t have any, or aren’t very good – neither of which are qualities you want for your web designer). Their work can be a good indicator of whether their style fits in with what you are looking for.

Listen to your friends or colleagues

Has anyone you know recently used a web designer? Ask them how they found them or what advice they have. Know anyone who’s a real geek when it comes to the internet? Ask them to identify websites which are genuine. The people around you are often the best source of advice, so use them to your advantage.

Have a chat

Any good designer will have the time to talk to you personally about what you’re looking for. If you find a designer who doesn’t allow you to do this, they are probably not the one for you. It is important for a designer to really get to know their client and their client’s needs in order to create good results.

Spare time?

If you can work out what the designer does in their spare time, that can be a good indicator as to how committed they are. If a designer spends a lot of their spare time on the internet, blogging or designing, it means they are more likely to have an eye for what does or doesn’t work. That makes them into someone you can trust with your project, who will be able to offer suggestions that really work.

Further research

The advice listed here is just a starting point. Feel free to do your own research in order to gain the information you need before you come to a decision. Browse the rest of my website in order to gain further insights into my approach to web design – and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are at all interested. As a web designer in Bradford I have extensive knowledge and experience to enable me to offer advice and help with any of your web design needs.

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