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How to build a trustworthy website

In order to boost their online sales companies will often offer deals or sales, have an advertising campaign in place and drum up a good social media following. This all works to put the business or brand in the line of sight of the consumer It is wise not to forget that having a trustworthy website is just as important.Visitors to your site need to be assured that your website is safe and trustworthy, they will rarely automatically assume it is.


Guaranteeing that your website is secure is especially important for retail sites, or websites where customers will be entering personal or payment details. It’s not hugely important for our freelance web designer Yorkshire website as visitors will not be entering any sensitive information on our site. We often hear on the news about a website that has been hacked or if people that shouldn’t have had access to sensitive data have done. Visitors to your site need to be assured that this is not the case for all websites and that the likelihood of it happening to your site is minimal.

It helps to display any security badges you have somewhere prominent, though not intrusive, on all the pages of your website; this will help reinforce the message that you take security very seriously. In addition to this, look at getting an SSL certificate, this is a widely recognisable seal that people trust, it helps visitors to your site put their faith in the security of your website.


Reputation of your brand or business is what most people would go on, therefore it’s imperative that you push anything positive – especially for a new start up company like our freelance web designer Bradford business. Some people may be more impressed by the years of experience your business has, others may be swayed by a big social media presence and some potential customers may look to awards. It is important to find out what your target audience is impressed by and push that the most. Be shameless in your self promotion, a company that does not or has not self promoted will likely have a smaller reputation.

Be dynamic in the language used too, instead of “1,00,000 have bought X”, why not “1,000,000 happy customers are using X”, it just reads a little better and reinforces that you offer a positive service. If you do have a large number of customers, push that – people generally have a gang mentality and tend to follow the crowd.

Press accolades are another great way of boosting your reputation. They show that your business has been recognised for offering a great service. The same applies to any awards your company has won, display them on your site, let people know.

There is a reason companies have testimonials on their site, people trust them. Of course you will say that your service is the best, but it is always better to hear it from an impartial source. People read reviews, if they are positive it works to build your reputation which helps visitors to your site trust your business. It is much the same with social media, a big social media following shows people trust your brand. It doesn’t take a lot to get someone to hit like on Facebook, but when you have 15,000 people following you, it reflects well on your business; include a social media widget on your site that displays the amount of followers you have.

Finally, offering free trials like Netflix or Love Film do not only eliminates the risk on the consumer side of things but also shows a confidence in the services you offer on your part. It works, I know I have signed up or trials in the past and then kept them going on because I liked the service.

Website design

You can only make one first impression, for many people their first impression of a business will be their website, so it goes without saying that a well designed website is essential. This has to be done correctly, a website design without any thought behind it will be all too apparent and may well be the difference between a sale and the customer going to a competitor. Read our post on how website design affects the bottom line for a little more information, Kissmetrics also have a great post on the pitfalls that repel website visitors. If you’re not a very techie person then the best advice is to go to somebody that will do it for you, like our freelance web designer Yorkshire company.

Don’t forget about the little stuff either, there should be no spelling mistakes in your content and the grammar should be correct. There’s no excuse for misspellings, it makes your website look sloppy and people will be less likely to trust your brand.

Finally, if you’re in eCommerce be sure to have some sort of transaction reporting in place. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to contact a customer after they have made a purchase to keep them updated on their order. The likelihood of a customer returning to you after they have had two weeks wondering what is going on with the order they placed is low, don’t spam them but reassure them that their order is being processed.

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