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How to create a killer lead-generation website

Easy sales are great, there’s a certain attractive aspect to close a tricky sale, but in terms of the bottom line, the time spent doing that could have been spent closing three easy sales. A big aspect of this comes down to the quality of the leads generated. A good lead generation website will generate good, solid leads. Good leads will lead to easier sales coming in more often.

Be easy to contact

Ideally, you want to have a large contact form on every page, this really pushes people to get in touch with you. Ok, not everybody who gets in touch is going to be converted into a sale – but the more people do get in touch the more people that will be generated into a sale. Have a contact number as well, even if people don’t call (most will fill out the contact form) it helps them to trust that there is someone who is there and can help. Take a look at my freelance web designer Yorkshire home page to see what I mean, I have a picture of myself a large contact form and a phone number – all there to help people put their trust in me and get in touch.

Being easy to contact also take the pressure out of sales. The more leads come through the easier it is to hit targets. For example, you have a target of two sales a day, if you only have six leads coming in you need to convert a third of these leads into sales – not the easiest task. However, if you have ten leads coming in only one in five needs to be converted into a sale. This is a simplified version of how lead generation and sales work, but the general philosophy is there.

Make good use of images, video and audio

Testimonials are a great marketing tool, obviously you will say that your product is great and everybody should buy it. It sounds a lot better coming from an impartial source in the form of a testimonial. To add to the power of a testimonial, combine a picture of the person as well – this will help visitors to your site trust what they are reading as there is a face behind the quote.

Videos and audio are a great way of reaching out to a visitor to your site. The golden rule for using a audio or video presentation is make sure you talk to the audience rather than at them. Make it dynamic too, a little background music and cleverly put together visual sequence never hurt anybody – make sure it doesn’t take away from the message though. However, if a video or audio presentation is going to hurt the page loading time then it’s probably best not to include it.

Put the work in

Avoid website templates, these rarely meet all of your needs and are a bit of an easy get out, my freelance web designer Yorkshire site is a bespoke website. Hire a designer and speak to them, tell them just what you want out of the site. In this instance design is just as important as functionality – visitors to your site have to find that it conveys the message of what service your offering efficiently and it is easy to get in touch.

As always content is vitally important, again it has to convey the message in a short space – people do not want to read heaps of sales copy. Be dynamic in your language, instead of saying “what if…” “imagine that…”, use words like “get”, “feel” and “have”. Not only are they shorter but they give the reader the sense of owning the object as opposed to just imagining it, always favour declarative words and phrases. If you think your copywriting isn’t up to scratch consider getting a copywriter, they will know what to do and likely produce great content for you.



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