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Web Design Tips

The idea of designing or re-designing a website may feel like a task too big or confusing to undertake. There are so many different aspects to consider and think about before you even begin, but the preparation is a very important part of website design.

You can begin by asking yourself and maybe even some colleagues or friends a few of the following questions to prepare.

What do you want?

You must first work out what it is exactly that you want. There are different kinds of websites with varying numbers of pages, built on different platforms with contrasting levels of interactivity. Think about your company or brand, and what would be best suited to it. Look at the websites of companies similar to yours to gain some ideas. Realising from the beginning your end goals is key to having a successful design project, so if you are able to do this it will relieve a great deal of pressure later on.

Who is it for?

Your audience is a key factor in determining the layout and content of your website. It is important to create a website which is user friendly, and this means targeting it towards those you want to see it. This might mean writing in a certain style, using certain colours or adding certain features. Overall, simple designs are usually best – understated, straightforward and effortless.

What works well and what doesn’t?

In your surfing history, you’ve probably come across websites which are just terrible. They look awful, the content doesn’t make sense and some of the links don’t work – or maybe they weren’t that bad but there was something about them which just wasn’t right. Equally, you’ve probably seen some amazing websites with fantastic features which were very easy to use. Both these types of website are memorable, and you want yours to fall into the second category. Take note of the features that work well, and try to incorporate them into your design. And leave out those that don’t.

What financial resources do I have access to?

Designing and hosting a website costs money. You need to work out what you can realistically afford, and shop around for different quotes. You can only do this when you have a relatively solid idea of what  it is that you’d like to create, so before you ask for a quote, make sure you know what you’re asking for.

How much time do I have?

Designing a website can turn into a never ending project, and designing a website can be something which never seems finished – there’s always something extra you can add, always another tweak. To avoid this, make sure you set out a clear time plan as to when you’d like things done by. It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll fall behind, but you only need to be slightly flexible with your time plan to enable things to run smoothly.

Which web designer should I hire?

It can be tempting to attempt to get website design done in-house by someone inexperienced to save costs. In the end, this often leads to time and money wasted, so it would have been easier to hire someone in the first place. A freelance web designer is probably the best person to help you out (click here for helpful tips on how to find someone to do this) as they can offer you a personal and effective service.


I hope these questions have been helpful in your initial plans for a website design. Please get in touch if there’s anything else you’d like to know, or even better, if you’ve decided you’d like to hire me as your web designer. Contact me on the number to the right, or fill in your contact details in the form and I’ll get back to you.

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