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How website design impacts the bottom line

Most companies have some sort of budget for the maintenance and design of their website, many will happily part with a large proportion of that budget for a well planned website redesign, a service my freelance web designer Yorkshire company offers. The mentality behind  this is that a better looking, more user friendly site will lead to healthier quarterly statements. As you would imagine, a simpler cleaner design is preferred to a site cluttered with unnecessary content.

Website credibility

Studies cited by found that ‘having a credible looking site scored 4/5 on the relative importance scale’. There are a number of techniques to increasing a website’s credibility, the most common and often most effective of which is to ensure that the site is being linked to by authoritative sites on a regular basis.

This means then, that good quality content is a necessity, hence why a lot of companies are turning to blogging. Having a blog on your website is a great way of creating a bank of good content that people will want to interact with and link to. A good blog should spark debate, it should be used to assert your website’s position as a thought leader.

Our freelance web designer Bradford company has an informative blog for that very reason. It makes up an authority on web design, we look to provoke discussion and inform through our blog. It is equally important to keep a blog up to date, nothing looks worse than a handful of blog posts from six months ago and nothing new – it looks lazy, not something you would want to be conveying to potential customers.

It is also vital not to overlook the little things, an FAQ page is always a good thing to have. The FAQ page should be easy to fin, not hidden away and only accessible via a search bar. This brings us on to navigation, a site that is easily navigated around is one that customers would be more likely to only to stay on, but to return to as well. Ensure that you are consistent in where you place your links on your site so that the customer will not be searching around your site looking for something.

Meet the expectations

First and foremost you should set out usability goals, these will help you quantifiably measure whether your site is successful or not; the goals should cover aspects such as how long it takes a user to find what they want on your site and their satisfaction rate.  With the usability goals set you must also begin to gather feedback, this should be an ongoing process as opposed to something done over a predetermined time. This means that you will always be aware of how users fee about your website, what’s good and what could be changed.

Helping users compare prices is an attractive aspect in a website, it shows a transparency on your end and builds a relationship of trust between you and the consumer. It helps them to see exactly what they are getting and what is the best price for them.

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool and something that our freelance web designer Bradford company uses to great effect. It will help you clearly see the average time spent on your site, the amount of referral traffic (visitors that have found your site through a direct link on another website) and bounce rate, as well as a number of other useful bits of information.

Will a more attractive site help sales?

The short answer is yes, however you must have set an increase in sales as one of your quantifiable goals when designing or refreshing your website – begin with the end in mind. Cleaning up your site and removing the clutter will increase its aesthetic appeal, but also increase the usability. In turn, this will lead to more people having a positive experience on your website and returning and recommending it, thus boosting sales.

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