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Why blogging isn’t just for SEO

Blogging goes hand in hand with SEO, in fact the reason most businesses have a blog is to increase traffic to their site. However, blogging offers businesses much more than just helping them rank in Google, it’s time companies moved away from the school of thought that blogging should just be about increasing footfall to their websites. Yes, there are elements of SEO in our freelance web designer Yorkshire blog, but it isn’t all about just moving our site further up Google.

Everybody like seeing their name in print, allowing all your employees to contribute to a company blog will give them them a chance to all contribute to something positive. A good employer will not want their staff to just do their job and go home at the end of the day not looking forward to the next morning. OK, allowing all staff to contribute to a blog isn’t an office party, but it helps for team building – it gives them something to do together that they can call their own.

Essential for sales

If you work in a sales environment, having a company blog will have a positive effect on sales figures. There are a number of reasons for this, you’re forced to keep up to date an all issues in your sector – there’s little point in doing a blog if it’s not going to be up to date and informative. This means that you’re better placed to answer any questions customers will throw at you which can only be a good thing. A blog is supposed to be short and snappy, nobody wants to take the time out to read a 1,500 word essay about how to look after your car in winter that’s full of technical information and jargon, because of this you’ll find that you become able to explain complex issues in a concise and friendly way that people can understand. Again this will help your sales patter, if you can get to the point quickly in a friendly manner that people can easily understand, half the battle is won.

A well written, well researched, engaging blog will make you an authority on your chosen subject – something our freelance web designer Yorkshire business is trying to accomplish. People want to read something that’s helpful to them, if your blog’s advice helps them then they will trust you. In addition to this, people will begin to see you as a real person, not just a corporate entity – essential in building up a relationship with your customers. The more people trust you, the higher the chance of converting visitors to your site into sales.

A little side note, if you do have a company blog or are thinking of starting one, make sure you have a bank of content ready to go and post one or two a week. Our web design Bradford business has a big backlog of content that we tend to post on a Monday morning, there’s nothing worse than a blog that’s not had much thought or effort put into it. The more content you have in your blog then longer visitors will stay on your site, the longer they stay on your site the greater the likelihood of a sale.

Promotes discussion

If you have a company blog it’s essential that you allow comments and actively promote discussion, you’ll find it’s probably the most important thing to include. In promoting discussion through your blog posts they will not only become more popular, as such your site will follow suit, but your company will be reaffirmed as a thought leader. If your company blog is good it will soon become apparent that you will have a community of people who regularly post comments – these sort of people will sing your praises, having positive referrals from people will be brilliant for your company’s image.

Don’t just talk at people, listen to what they have to say, reply to their comments, have a discussion. All of this will give your business a golden opportunity to understand what sort of people visit your site and what makes them tick, this is essential in marketing – the better you know your demographic the more focused the marketing will be.

Blogging is important for SEO, but using your blog to bring people t your site isn’t the be all and end all. A company blog should be something you enjoy doing, not a chore. If you’re not enjoying doing your company’s blog it will be all too apparent in the content you post; keep it lighthearted, informed and helpful!

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